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Our Services

Organic Skincare Products

We offer a range of services here at Skincare by Pevonia. 

From facials to lasers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, massages, and waxing...

Here are some of our most popular services!


Deep Pore Cleansing $120

deep pore cleansing facial that includes an enzymatic peeling cream for your skin type, deep extractions, high frequency, and a soothing mask for your skin

Classic Acne Facial


deep cleaning facial with our clear-o-zyme enzymatic and heavy extractions

Glo2Facial (geneo)


patented oxygenation technology which triggers the body's natural production of oxygen. includes deep exfoliation, ultrasound therapy, and a neo massage. specifically catered to your skin type and concerns

3in1 Facial


our 3in1 facial is the deep pore cleansing facial paired with microdermabrasion and oxygen infusion

Advanced Acne Facial


the classic acne facial with a twist.

add-on LED blue light therapy and an oxygen infusion to promote healthier skin



the world famous hydrafacial combines cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration.

our hydrafacial also includes LED light therapy and oxygen infusion


Signature Massage


1 hour massage that applies medium pressure to relax and ease tension throughout the entire body while also improving circulation

Aromatherapy Massage


1 hour massage with medium-deep pressure with aromatherapy and warm himalayan salt stones that provide mild exfoliation, reduce inflammation, and more...

Express Massage


3o minutes massage aimed to ease tension and relax the body

Deep Tissue Massage


1 hour deep tissue massage that relieves the tightest of knots from all areas needed (strong pressure applied)

Pre-Natal Massage


1 hour massage for pregnant women that helps reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and pains, and helps with circulation 

Raindrop Therapy


combines 7 essential oils, all aromatherapy, includes light pressure to create a healing and cleansing experience. if you are looking for stronger pressure, raindrop therapy can be paired with our signature or deep tissue massages as an add-on for $45 

Amazing boutique spa. A special unexpected neighborhood gem with high-quality services.

Cristina D.

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