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OxyGeneo Facial 
$199 (Reg. $220)

OxyGeneo’s unique OxyPods create gentle exfoliation and a CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface. Ultrasound micro-vibrations stimulate and condition the skin to deliver instant, smoothing results and enhance the absorption of Geneo serum’s active ingredients.

A soothing neo-massage at the end delivers instant reduction in redness and puffiness.

The OxyGeneo® Facial combines cleansing, exfoliation, oxygenation, infusion and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with little-to-no downtime.

Image by Alice Pasqual
Summer Refresh
Antioxidant Vitamin C Facial
$149 (Reg. $170)

This facial consists of our 3-in-1. which includes a deep pore cleansing, microdermabrasion, and an oxygen session, followed by a Vitamin C treatment that helps neutralize free radicals & improve skin tone, and stimulates the production of collagen for recharged, bright skin. 

Image by Nixx Studio
Diamond Hydrafacial 
$189 (Reg. $210)

The wet diamond tip allows for the HydraFacial treatment serums to pass through the tip and combines the suction and hydration we crave from HydraFacials with microdermabrasion. It is called "wet" microdermabrasion because the machine also uses special serums that are pushed into the deeper layers of the skin during the exfoliation process. Once fully cleansed, the final Hydrafacial steps to extract and hydrate leave your skin GLOWING!

Exfoliation Treatment
Lift & Glow Lumafirm
Neck and Body Treatment

$150 (Reg. $179)

This body treatment is enriched with a combination of anti-aging extracts, the latest in peptides, and amazing liposomal technology. Deeply repairing, smoothing, and de-aging, this treatment leaves every inch of skin velvety soft while rendering your body, neck, and chest visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer, and more toned. 1-Hour Service includes a dry brush exfoliation, body wrap procedure, and a 10-minute relaxing massage. Includes a take-home dry brush!
Image by Tammy Gann
Body Contouring Package
One Area - Six (6) Sessions
$500 (Reg. $600)

This procedure uses low-frequency waves that allow your body to break down fat deposits which then are metabolized and removed naturally through your body’s filtration system. Ultrasound frequencies cause thousands of microscopic air bubbles to surround the lipocyte (fat cell) and create enough pressure for the fat cells to rupture, which are then moved through the lymphatic system to the liver and are safely metabolized and excreted from the body.

It is crucial that you drink at least 60 oz of water per day, both on the day of treatment and on subsequent days. At least 20 minutes of moderate exercise is necessary after your treatment and for three days following. This is to ensure the stored energy released by the cavitation process is burnt off. A high protein/low-fat calorie deficit diet is necessary to ensure your body utilizes the triglycerides (a type of body fat) released by the fat cavitation process.

Clients must come in weekly or twice weekly for their sessions, and consultations are required to determine client eligibility.

Reduction & Reaffirming Body Treatment with Wood Therapy
$190 (Reg. $210)

This procedure uses low-frequency waves that allow your body to break down fat deposits which then are metabolized and removed naturally through your body’s filtration system, followed by different wooden implements used to manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat, and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to tighten and reduce body contours.

This service is contingent on consultation with esthetician to determine eligibility.