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Spring Roses
Lacto-Flora Facial 
$110 (Reg. $130)


This facial consists of a deep pore cleansing with extractions, and the application of a lacto-flora light peel, using lactic and alpha-hydroxy acids, this peel exfoliates and improves pigmentation leaving the skin brighter and smoother. Suitable for most skin types, except highly sensitive skin.


Avoid Retinoids one week prior to this treatment.  

Vitamin C Facial 
$140 (Reg. $160)


This facial consists of our 3-in-1, which includes deep pore cleansing, microdermabrasion, and an oxygen session, followed by a Vitamin C treatment that helps neutralize free radicals & improve skin tone, stimulates the production of collagen for recharged, bright skin. 

New Growth
New Beginnings 
Body Scrub &
Signature Massage
$150 (Reg. $170)


This service includes a 1-hour signature massage, which applies mild pressure on problem areas to relax the entire body while also easing tension and improving circulation, along with a full-body scrub to exfoliate the skin and remove impurities and toxins from the skin's surface. 

Image by Stefan Rodriguez
Spring in Your Step
Peppermint Scalp & Reflexology
Relaxing Massage
$110 (Reg. $140)
This relaxing massage includes 30 minutes of a relaxing body massage, which applies mild pressure on problem areas to relax the entire body, along with 30 minutes of foot reflexology and relaxing scalp stimulation with all-natural peppermint essential oils. 

Hydrafacial +
Oxygen Dome Therapy
(Ampoule Infusion Included)
$189 (Reg. $215)
This combo includes the fan-favorite Hydrafacial with Oxygen Dome Therapy, which consists of 90% high concentration oxygen and a hydrating pine bark extract ampoule infusion for added antioxidant benefits.

Abstract Lights
Intense Pulsed Light
Photo Therapy + Hydrafacial
$275 (Reg. $305)

Intense pulsed light therapy is applied to target acne, hyperpigmentation, and vascular lesions followed by a fan favorite: the award-winning Hydrafacial.

Avoid Retinoids one week prior to this treatment.

Body Treatment
$110 (Reg. $130)

Deeply repairing, hydrating, smoothing and anti-aging body treatment that leaves your skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer and more toned. Includes a body moisturizer and wrap.  

Spring Roses
Body Contouring Package
$950 (Reg. $1100)

 This package includes 6 sessions of

Cavitation Therapy & Reduction Massage focused on One (1) Area

(Stomach or Legs or Buttocks) to break up fat deposits, release toxins, and aid in the slimming of the desired area. 

Please note: Treatment is subject to esthetician consultation to determine eligibility. Clients must come in weekly and adhere to a regimen of regular-moderate exercise, a high-protein/low-fat calorie deficit diet, and drinking at least 56 oz of water daily.

Add a 
Vita-Repair Agave
Hand Mask & Collagen Neck Mask
to any Facial
for $25
(Reg. $40)